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Chemical Knowledge. For You!

FIZ CHEMIE – We are known for specialist chemical information presented at the right time in the right place - collected worldwide, abstracted and linked to precise search technology. For more than a quarter of a century we have been developing high-performance databases, innovative information services, specialized search engines and e-learning products from chemical data and facts. Our research and development are a reliable source of the latest chemical knowledge for science, academia, industry and society. About our company...


Focused on the market and the future, our managing director guides FIZ CHEMIE using contemporary management strategies. We maintain a closely knit network of partners and work with quality management system.


The origin of the specialist information centre goes back to the founding of the Chemisches Zentralblatt in 1830. Then as now, our work focused on the high quality of the specialist chemical data. FIZ CHEMIE looks back on a long and eventful history...