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CIRX - The ChemInform Reaction Database

The reaction library ChemInform RX (CIRX) enables the detailed reaction schemes of the ChemInform journal to be searched. This unique database is an excellent tool for planning new syntheses and optimizing synthetic processes.


Starting in June 2012 FIZ CHEMIE will distribute the reaction databases CIRX and SPORE directly. Please note the important message to our customers.



Facts and Figures



  • Reaction database
  • Organic synthesis
  • Format: in-house (Isentris, ISIS) online (DiscoveryGate)
  • Language: english
  • Content: approx. 1.3 million reactions
  • Time period: 1992 to the present
  • Update: quarterly
  • Growth: > 70,000 reactions/year
  • Sources: approx. 100 journals