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140 years of chemical research is completely digitized

The Chemisches Zentralblatt was fully digitized. Forty meters of bound volumes weighing about three tons are now available as two terabytes of data. The data collection documents 140 years of research progress in chemistry and chemical specializations. Modern software technology was used to make the entire content of this important reference service available for full-text retrieval.


Originally established as "Pharmaceutisches Central Blatt" and later renamed multiple times, from 1830 to 1969 Chemisches Zentralblatt was the most important reference work for chemistry. For decades, specialist scientific editors have prepared abstracts of the research progress in chemistry for the information service. International professional publications were the basis of their evaluation work. Thus the names of nearly all well-known chemists of the 19th and 20th centuries appear in the abstracts of Chemisches Zentralblatt. Along with valuable technical information, conclusions on historical aspects of social, political and economic developments of the last two centuries can also be drawn from the abstracts.

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