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ChemgaCourse - Your Course Offers

Gain a decisive competitive advantage by investing in the knowledge of your employees!

Teaching and learning chemistry is easier than ever with the Learning Management System (LMS) ChemgaCourse®. High-quality courses on individual topics in various fields of knowledge in chemistry and related sciences are available here. For providers of vocational training and continuing education in industry ChemgaCourse provides a comprehensive instructional system of network-based, multimedia courses on topics relevant to training. The understanding of chemical reactions and processes is facilitated by movable 3D molecules, animations, videos and interactive graphics.


As an individual person, you can get the course key directly on the platform and complete the course online. If you place a high value on security and mobility and want to use the courses apart from the Internet, we also offer in-house versions as well as classroom and company licenses, of course.

As part of our vision of networked interactive learning, the technology of ChemgaCourse® also makes the courses available for integration in your other learning environments, which may offer forums and chat rooms to support learners with a more intensive and broader exchange of knowledge, for example.

Become a part of the future of learning today!



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