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ChemgaNet - Inhouse Solutions for Chemical Education

The specialist knowledge and courses of CHEMGAROO® -  Educational Systems can also be used apart from the Internet for purposes of vocational training and continuing education. ChemgaNet® is available as two in-house solutions for mobile and/or intranet-based operation: The encyclopedic knowledge bundle is available as a server solution - ChemgaBox® - for an intranet or as a single workstation version on an external hard disk - ChemgaDrive® - for connecting to a laptop or desktop workstation computer. ChemgaNet® was designed particularly for customers in industry and education providers with higher security requirements.


ChemgaDrive® contains the entire CHEMGAROO® instructional environment. As an intranet-enabled server system, ChemgaBox® delivers the training content on the company network for access at any employee workstation or in central training rooms in the company. The price is based on the number of users. Along with ChemgaDrive® and ChemgaBox®, we also offer individual courses on CD/DVD.

Our update service will ensure that your course system stays current.

Do you have further questions? We look forward to advising you personally.


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